Products and services

Through our operation at lease service or Renting, we deliver equipment and vehicles in medium and long terms including plates, taxes, insurance, transfers, and according to your convenience, maintenance, tires, GPS or other specific needs. At the end of the contract, your company or its designee, may choose to renew, return back assign, or buy back the equipment.

Your company can obtain through a renting contract different types of vehicles and equipment required to develop your projects as well as vehicles for the staff. Both the acquisition and administration are handled by rentandes according to the level of service chosen.

This is permitted from the availability and maintenance service level to the basic level that delivers only equipment with paid taxes and insurance.

We serve the following primary lines.

Request your own selection of equipment, vehicle or machinery.

We deliver any kind of vehicles for your executive personal, advisors, sales man, distributers, supervisors and engineers. We include delivery fleets or personal cars for your convenience.

Choose van, bus, dump truck, tank truck, crane, mixer or the application you need in the right chassis. We deliver them trough a lease contract and we will provide preventive and corrective maintenance recommended by the manufacturers. We are experts and we work with major brands.

Gas, diesel or electric equipment for your industry, or dock. Off the road equipment or hard surfaces.

Modern and ideal for today`s world. Choose the model and any of its many accessories.

With the support of the most important manufacturers and for the main equipments and brands, we can guarantee you the best tool for your work. Reliable performance and availability without compromising company resources.

Renting is a great alternative and you can pay it as easily as the electric bill. We supply the plant or set that you require and pay it either by their availability (emergency), use (regular supply) or service (mobile plant).