Rentandes allows its customers at the end of the renting contract the replacement of the used vehicles for a new fleet without extensive paperwork for its renewal, avoiding problems of obsolescence and overcosts in the maintenance of the old equipment.

With this figure you get precise control of the costs associated with asset management and ease the accounting process through cost centers, paying a single monthly bill for all the equipment at your disposal.

Furthermore, your company does not worry about insurance policies, tracking claims, garage appointments, tax payments, renewal of SOAT insurance, techno mechanical inspections, registration and transfer fees, and even the preventive and corrective maintenance for as the monthly renting fee includes them.


Renting liberates working capital needed to develop your business. You do not use the company’s resources for the purchase of vehicles or machinery that are not essential assets in its operation.

Reduce debt level by maintaining the assets as belonging to a third party. Also, the renting monthly fee is accounted as an expenditure and as such, is registered in the balance sheet as an installment.

The fee generated by the renting payment is less than the traditional alternatives offered by the market, thus improving your cash flow.

Does not increase your equity or generates presumptive income, and all local taxes are covered within the fee.

The convenience of grouping into a single monthly bill the cost of the vehicle instead of a series of regular payments that are operating independently and time-consuming. Ideal for business units or joint venture.

No matter the size of the company or the contract term, it is taken for tax purposes as an expense and therefore is 100% deductible from income tax. If it is sold or transferred the equipment or the contract does not lose these benefits.