About us

We are experts in renting equipment: Services on the run!

Renting is the answer to a changing and competitive world, where the resources to obtain assets are becoming more expensive and their economic life is short and uncertain, technologically obsolete almost as soon as they hit the market. Its management is more complex and their maintenance more specialized, and legal and environmental standards are more strict.

For this new changing world a professional service has been developed: Renting.

Renting is a modern and powerful tool that allows access to equipment and vehicles that your company and its projects should not need to buy. Rent them and only at the end you decide whether to replace, return or acquire.

A Very Good Service, A Very Good Deal. Ingenious solutions to suit your needs with different levels of attention required for fleet maintenance, protection, accessories and taxes. The terms and the equipment required for its operation, your project and your contract.



Who we are?

We are a team that offers the best solutions to our clients in the acquisition of equipment, machinery and vehicles for their company. We do not do what the manual says; we do what our client needs. We offer a product designed for your business, for your cash flow and we adapt to their environment. The communication is customized to advise and offer you the best. Each client is unique.

In response to a changing and modern world, rentandes was created in Colombia in 2000 as a company that provided fleet management service specialized in construction machinery and vehicles. We specialize in solving daily problems and taking care of equipment, increasing their availability and lowering costs.

We have autonomous systems that operate throughout the country. We have offices in Bogota, Cali, Medellin, Barranquilla, Santanderes, Coffee Region and the Llanos. where we serve our customers through important alliances with the best suppliers of equipment, brands and vehicles.

Our Goal

Provide equipment, construction machinery and mining equipment, cars and trucks of all brands and capacities required, through our service of operational lease, also obtaining commercial use of the equipment counting with the maintenance and supplies needed for the operation.


Our vision

Rentandes will be a first rate service and quality company, with the best operational and financial proficiency, international coverage, high technology and global alliances.

Our mission

Provide our customers with access to equipment, vehicles and machinery suitable for work, without having to acquire them.

Give your employees and shareholders the best return for their contribution to the business in harmony with the country’s development.


According to the culture of continuous improvement, Rentandes ensures the optimization of resources, products and services in all its processes. It measures its efficiency by appropriate rates, with safe margins of profitability, high level of service satisfaction, at international standards.

Environmental Commitment

We recognize the environmental management system as a corporate priority and a key factor for sustainable development. Ongoing training programs, the commitment of employees, suppliers and customers, activities and clearly defined responsibilities, ensure the development of environmental plans to comply with national regulations and international requirements for the provision of our services.